Quality logs are procured from the forests of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.
Loading logs into vat
The logs are debarked and steamed before being sent to the lathe for peeling.

Peeling is done with close attention to thickness consistency.

After peeling, the veneer is dried and graded in our West Mill jet box dryer.
The graded veneer has glue applied before being pressed into plywood.

The panels are trimmed and the pass through a delamination detector. The panels are sanded to specifications before shipment to our customers.

Close attention to quality is paid throughout the process. Truckload shipments may contain a variety of products including certified sheathing, underlayments, AC's and industrial grades in thicknesses from 1/4" to 1-1/8". The panels are stable and lighter in weight than comparable OSB and southern yellow pine plywood panels. Along with Agency Certified panels Bessemer Plywood Corp. can produce proprietary grades for specific customer needs.